End-of-Year Musings.


There’s not too many ailments or bad moods that a hot bath can’t cure, in my opinion.  Something about the hot water, suds, and the absence of time pressures equals up to something magical.  Tonight, however, nothing could distract me from a ridiculous parade of worries, mostly about how I could be better in one way or another:  I should…

Scenes from the Weekend


I was able to spend some time with my best friends from college this past weekend, and it was amazing.  I love how our time together seems to mean more with each passing year.  On the agenda this year:  our annual Secret Santa gift exchange, lots of good food, mani/pedis, eggnog daiquiris, gingerbread houses, a Saints game-day party, and a…



“You have spent this present lifetime searching for perfect Love. You have looked to teachers, to religions, to books, to ideas, to philosophies, why, even to spirits, and you have not yet found the promise of that perfection — because you have been looking outside yourselves. Such a Love awaits within you.”

Mindfulness: Week 5

Week 4:  Wrap-Up I unintentionally reminded myself to "appreciate my hands" by choosing extremely festive, glittery nail polish colors over the last couple of weeks.  (Just trying to get into the Christmas spirit, which can be hard in the Gulf South … as I write this, the temperature is at 78 degrees!)  I admired my hands mainly during yoga class,…