I'm much more likely to hold myself accountable if my resolutions are written down (read: broadcasted on the Internet), so here we have it:

-Spend less time on social media websites or online in general (this means more time for:  writing, meditating, creative pursuits, yoga, reading, the great outdoors)

-Just.  Do.  Things.  (Stop overthinking it!)

-Be more honest/true to my feelings.  Work on being a more thoughtful communicator.

-Be open to creative work opportunities.

-Use my yoga membershp to the fullest and attend at least five times a week, when not traveling.

-Take my multi-vitamin every day.

-Update my personal blog at least once a week.

-Complete a 3-day Blueprint Cleanse.

I would love to hear other resolutions for this year, if y'all want to share yours with me :)  xo

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