Lace-Up Top and Sailor Pocket Jeans


[wearing: Chan Luu earrings, Topshop shirt and platforms, Madewell sunglasses and jeans] My hair has finally reached a length where I can pull off a high pony, so I’ll probably be rocking this non-stop until it’s long again. I just picked up this ribbed lace-up top from Topshop and it’s so comfortable, I wore it basically three days straight after…

Blogs I Follow


Catching up on the blogs I follow is somewhat of a morning ritual of mine, and at this point, I’ve got a good handful of sites that inspire me in different ways. I use Blogger to organize the blogs I follow, so that when I go on the site, I just have one central feed to look at that shows…

Explore Your Dreams: Dream Caravan in New Orleans


I’ve always been a believer in dreams as signs but I’m not extremely familiar with dreamwork, so I was excited when Kezia Kamenetz reached out to me with news about Dream Caravan, an event she organized for the November 7-8 weekend in New Orleans (FB page here). Dream Caravan offers lectures, panels, workshops, and one-on-one sessions for people to learn more…

First Taste of Fall


[wearing: thrifted sunglasses, Arnhem kimono, Express dress, American Apparel socks, Topshop clogs, Chan Luu necklaces] Over the last couple of days, the weather went from way-too-hot-for-October to pretty cold. Where’s the middle ground, New Orleans? At any rate, the first truly cool day meant I could break out this kimono again (also seen here), and add some socks to my ensemble….