3-Day City Greens Juice Cleanse Review

If you’ve been reading my blog for some time, you may remember that a few years ago I did a 3-day Blueprint Cleanse and wrote about my experience. This was my first ever juice cleanse and while I did feel refreshed and motivated afterward, shortly after that something changed the game entirely: I got into a serious relationship. And you know what that means: nesting phase! I’ve gained 5 pounds a year since I’ve been coupled up, which my doctor pointed out to me at my last visit. “You’re not overweight….yet,” he said, eyeing me cautiously. Okay dude, I get it.

So what happened to me? When I was single, I was juicing regularly, eating roasted veggies for dinner, and working out consistently, but over time I’ve gotten comfortable (read: lazy) and many of those good habits slowly slipped away. When I evaluated my lifestyle recently, I saw that my yoga practice was now very inconsistent, I was eating out all the time, and I realized how far off track I’d gotten overall.

My friend Jenn did a 3-day juice cleanse from City Greens a couple weeks ago and it got me thinking about the one I’d done before and how good I felt during that time. I also liked that City Greens is a local company and I wouldn’t have to pay to import juices from another city. I decided to sign up for a 3-day cleanse and she agreed to do it again with me (her second in two weeks!). I also got my boyfriend on board for what would be his first juice fast ever.

If you’re not familiar with juicing, basically the premise is that you’re giving your body a break from its normal digestive load so that it can work on other things within your body, like repairing diseased cells or clearing out old toxins. You’re also flooding your body with nutrients that are instantly available to be used.  You usually lose water weight and bloat and may experience detox symptoms, like a sore throat or skin eruptions.

Without further ado, here are our thoughts about the cleanse!

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The Juices

This is from the City Greens cleanse packet, listed in the order you drink them throughout the day, spaced a couple hours apart:

#1 Pear-A-Dise: cucumber, spinach, pear, lemon, volcano salt

#2 Pepper Power: apple, cayenne, mint, water, volcano salt

#3 Goji To The Beet: goji berries, beet, celery, parsley, cucumber, lemon, parsley, volcano salt

#4 24 Carrot Gold: carrot, apple, ginger, beet, lime, orange, volcano salt

#5 Kale Me Crazy: kale, grapes, cucumber, orange, lemon, apple, volcano salt

#6 Vanilla Almond: almonds, vanilla, dates, cherry blossom, volcano salt



Jenn: Against recommendations, I didn’t ease into this cleanse. The day before, I had a fish sandwich and fries for lunch and then ate a late dinner of fish, veggies, and rice. Ideally, you want to be on a diet consisting of vegetables and broths before you cleanse. However, I don’t generally eat meat except for seafood, and I do incorporate a lot of vegetables into my diet daily. Personally, I think that makes it easier for my body to adjust. Not to mention I’ve been juicing 3-4 times a week for the month preceding this cleanse.

Nikki: I tried to phase out meat, dairy, and heavy foods so that going on the cleanse wouldn’t be such a shock to my system. This is a really important step that will make everything a lot easier


DAY 1:


AM Mid-Day PM Exercise
Jenn I woke up exhausted this morning due to lack of sleep and a bit sluggish from a late dinner. Wasn’t able to begin the cleanse until 11, but I don’t get too hungry in the mornings. Feeling refreshed after the Pear-A-Dise juice; this lemon is definitely picking me up out of my morning funk. Feeling fine – lots of bathroom breaks! Since I started later in the day, I still had the almond drink around 9 PM. I was pretty satisfied throughout the day. This Day 1 was a lot easier for me than the cleanse I did a week ago. I got to sleep pretty early. 3 mile jog/walk, 50 push ups, 50 squats
Nikki I woke up and wasn’t hungry at all. I had my juices delivered to me at work and started drinking my first one at 10:30. I didn’t read the insert first, so I drank them out of order today. One thing I really notice is the juices aren’t as sweet as they were on Blueprint Cleanse, which I like a lot. The 24 Carrot Gold is really good and rich! The almond drink is similar to the last drink on the Blueprint Cleanse I did, so I was already excited for it. It’s nice to have something more substantial at the end of the day. None


DAY 2:


AM Mid-Day PM Exercise
Jenn Woke up slightly hungry and sick (not due to juicing). Slammed an Emergen-C paket and a ton of water to settle my stomach. Busy day at work caused me to forget about drinking the juices on time so I started to get hunger pains. I drank the goji beet juice with a side of water and it helped calm the hunger. Juice as normal, no side effects Push ups, squats
Nikki I woke up earlier than normal with a lot of energy. Feeling good. No thoughts, busy day at work! Added some cinnamon to my almond drink to spruce it up even more. I felt satisfied all day today. Pilates Reformer class


DAY 3:



AM Mid-Day PM Exercise Total Pounds Lost
Jenn Woke up hungry and tired, probably due to lack of sleep. Drank some water and had my first juice, which relieved the hunger. Meh I’m over it. I miss the act of eating, but I’m not that hungry. I actually didn’t even drink the last almond milk because I was still satiated from the drink before it. Push ups, squats 5
Nikki I woke up thinking about food and excited today is the last day. I miss the social aspect of eating. I feel like I’m full of liquid. Definitely forgot about how many bathroom breaks you need during a juice cleanse! I feel like I’m literally starving even though I know that’s ridiculous. I watched “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead” with my boyfriend to get some inspiration to make it through the night. None – I napped instead 4

Pointers for Juicing

  • A juice cleanse isn’t an excuse to sit around all day because you’re not eating! You can still be mildly active. You’ll start to get tired toward the end of the day; at that point just take a walk to get the blood flowing.
  • Stay away from food traffic areas. The smells will get to you.
  • Drink a tall glass of water in the mornings to wake you up.
  • Think about which habits you’ll maintain after this cleanse. The best thing to do is to use this fasting period to set the stage for healthier habits or a different mindset.
  • Try to schedule your cleanse for a time that’s relatively stress-free and when you won’t be forced to be around a lot of triggering foods. Keep in mind you may be tired and need more time than usual to rest.
  • Read up on healing crises to be prepared for potential detox symptoms.
  • This is a great time to practice self-care: schedule a massage or a salon appointment, take a hot bubble bath, etc.
  • Ease back into eating heavier foods after your cleanse. The first day after, you may be totally satisfied with just a small salad or piece of fruit.


Final Thoughts:


Jenn: The juices tasted great and with a variety of six different juices to drink each day, you won’t be bored. My favorites were the Pear-a-dise, Pepper Power, and 24 Carrot Gold.

This cleanse made me realize that I was just overeating in general and that I really only need half of whatever serving I get. I feel a lot lighter, like there isn’t bad food weighing me down or making me sluggish. When you’re not planning your next meal or thinking about food, you can actually do a lot of other things! I think this helped me with my food obsession – I’m still obsessed, just not hungry for it.

Nikki: For a few weeks before the cleanse, I started eating way more mindfully and following a restricted calorie plan since i’m trying to lose the weight I put on. I also started going to yoga 3-4 times a week and back to Pilates once a week. So I would say that all of this, in conjunction with the cleanse, is responsible for the results I experienced.

I feel way lighter and much more satisfied with small portions now. My clothes fit a lot better too. It really is crazy how freeing it can be to not feel addicted to or like a slave to food and eating. I think I’d forgotten that I’m not going to die if I’m hungry for a few hours; it’s okay! I can give my body a break from constantly digesting. I did have a lot of detox symptoms (irritated throat, lost my voice, achy back) so that kind of sucks, but I’m hoping I’ll bounce back stronger than before.

My boyfriend actually loved it and said he wants to do it regularly. He felt more focused and creative (he’s an artist) and didn’t experience any negative side effects – and he lost 8 pounds!


Because we had such a great experience with this cleanse, I teamed up with City Greens to give away a 1-day cleanse to one of you! For the details on how to enter, visit one of our Instagram accounts @nikitanola @eatcitygreens. If you don’t have Instagram, you can comment below with your e-mail to enter. Good luck!


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