Blogs I Follow


Catching up on the blogs I follow is somewhat of a morning ritual of mine, and at this point, I’ve got a good handful of sites that inspire me in different ways. I use Blogger to organize the blogs I follow, so that when I go on the site, I just have one central feed to look at that shows…

How to Cohabit Without Killing Each Other


Living with people can be really hard in general, but living with the person you’re in a relationship with offers up some very specific challenges – keeping the romance alive, negotiating touchy issues like money, divvying up household duties, etc. I’ve been wanting to write a post on how to successfully cohabit with your boyfriend/girlfriend, based on my own experiences….

Renting in New Orleans: The Good, The Bad, The Homeless


Every time the doorbell rings at my place, nobody jumps up to answer it if we aren’t expecting anyone.  Why?  Oh, that’s right!  Our neighbor’s doorbell also rings ours!  (So much fun when they had a huge Halloween party.)  Is renting in New Orleans a universally sketchy experience, or is it just me?  It seems that all of my landlords…

Weekend Wrap


Lately, it feels like I do nothing but travel or have out-of-town visitors on the weekends.  I thoroughly enjoy all of my time with the people that I love and am in no way complaining, but I feel like it’s time to admit that my mindfulness series (remember that?) has been put on the back burner.  I suppose I’ll pick…

On Carnival, Choices, and Valentine’s Day


Somehow, I always manage to forget just how much I enjoy going to parades until I attend my first one of the season.  The music!  The marching bands!  The dancers!  The smell of horse crap!  The drunken fools!  I won’t pretend to deny how much I love it all, good and bad – I’m enjoying myself thoroughly this year, and…

Fall Cleaning


Being my mother’s daughter, I subscribe to the philosophy that when the going gets tough, the tough start cleaning.  Literally.  All I could think about this morning was the ridiculous saying, “messy bed, messy head.”  How can anyone know what they’re thinking or feeling when they’re surrounded by piles of clothes, cups, magazines, and random clusters of dust bunnies? ……

Come Home Safely, Come Home Soon


Even the extreme drought conditions and the unbearably dry Texas heat couldn’t ruin my time at home last weekend.  It’s always nice to spend time with people who have known me since I was born – it makes me appreciate the good qualities I’ve worked hard to cultivate within myself.  There is also something intriguing about towns surrounding military bases: …