Colleen Young on Self-Publishing her First Books


In my recent post about writing, I mentioned my friend Colleen’s self-published trilogy series (Book 3 is coming next month). She’s already had over 600 downloads to date and gotten a really great response from readers, so I wanted to pick her brain about the world of self-publishing and her adventures in writing. I met Colleen my freshman year of college and…

10 Questions with Kathleen Currie of Smoke Perfume

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Kathleen Currie is the creator of Smoke Perfume, a New Orleans-based company offering natural products like body oils, salt and sugar scrubs, candles, and perfume. I love the products and clever packaging, and the scrubs are the perfect gift for anyone. Kathleen is a massage therapist by trade, studied holistic health in college, and runs one of my favorite Instagram…

North/South Nodes & Lou Androlia


Part I: North & South Nodes This year I became interested in the concept of North and South astrological nodes. My understanding of these is that your South nodes are your comfort zone and what you may naturally gravitate to, while your North nodes are what you should be aspiring or working toward in this lifetime. Remember all those quotes…

Blogs I Follow


Catching up on the blogs I follow is somewhat of a morning ritual of mine, and at this point, I’ve got a good handful of sites that inspire me in different ways. I use Blogger to organize the blogs I follow, so that when I go on the site, I just have one central feed to look at that shows…

Explore Your Dreams: Dream Caravan in New Orleans


I’ve always been a believer in dreams as signs but I’m not extremely familiar with dreamwork, so I was excited when Kezia Kamenetz reached out to me with news about Dream Caravan, an event she organized for the November 7-8 weekend in New Orleans (FB page here). Dream Caravan offers lectures, panels, workshops, and one-on-one sessions for people to learn more…

How to Cohabit Without Killing Each Other


Living with people can be really hard in general, but living with the person you’re in a relationship with offers up some very specific challenges – keeping the romance alive, negotiating touchy issues like money, divvying up household duties, etc. I’ve been wanting to write a post on how to successfully cohabit with your boyfriend/girlfriend, based on my own experiences….