Cruise to Cozumel

Last weekend I went on a quick 4-night cruise to Cozumel on the Carnival Elation. This was my first cruise and while I was a bit apprehensive about sharing a small room with 3 other girls and feeling “stuck” on the boat, I was pleasantly surprised to find the room offered more than enough space and I never really felt stir crazy. We left Thursday afternoon and came back Monday morning, so it was also convenient only taking one day off from work. Here are my thoughts now it’s been a few days and my sea legs are used to being back on dry land –

The Good: Lots of activities like dance lessons, trivia, comedy, and even a class on how to make towel animals; spacious decks for laying out; covered decks if you want to be outside but not get a lot of sun; food is included in cruise fare; 24/7 ice cream, pizza, and room service

The Mediocre: The food – the only thing my friends raved about was the chocolate melting cake and sadly I couldn’t try any because I’m gluten free; lack of nachos and gluten-free options; tons of spring breakers and children in the pool at all times

The Bad: Very short window of time to explore (we had about 6 hours in Cozumel); lectures from Carnival staff that any area not “approved” in Mexico is dangerous; boat rudder not working and having to be towed in to New Orleans, delaying our arrival by two hours

This June, I will be taking a 7-day trip with my boyfriend and his family on the Carnival Dream and I’m curious to see what will be different about the bigger ship. While I’m not opposed to cruising if my friends or family wanted to, I’m not sure it would ever be my go-to vacation choice. As someone who travels a lot, my favorite thing is staying in a city and getting to experience different aspects of it, and you can’t do that on a cruise; however, I see it being a good deal financially. We each paid around $340 for our cruise fare and I didn’t spend much more than that on the boat or in Mexico. It would be impossible to find airfare, food, and a 4-night stay anywhere for that price.







2 thoughts on “Cruise to Cozumel”

  1. bon - April 16, 2015 10:13 am

    Nikki, I enjoyed reading your first-time cruiser review and was thrilled to read that y’all will be joining us in June. Being a much larger, newer ship, the Dream has a “Sunset” pool with 2 over-sized jacuzzies; a pool in the Spa; and the Serenity Area for laying out – all for adults only. Carnival’s enforcement of “adults only” sometimes sucks. We also enjoy the Comedy Club. You’re right – the con of most cruise ships is their short time in port. And, if there’s a tender involved, it’s even shorter. It’s not to Carnival’s financial advantage to have it’s passengers off the ship. No matter what happens, we always make the best of it. If you make arrangements with the headwaiter/hostess (or senior dining staff) once you get on board, I read that they will make every effort to fulfill your dietary requests. The Dream has gluten-free beer, bread & cake upon request. The main dining room usually has healthier options.

    1. Nikki - April 22, 2015 9:14 am

      I am excited to see the Dream and what it has to offer! I am glad we get to go this year. I will have to request the gluten-free bread and cakes, I didn’t know that. Thank you! :)


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