DIY: Holiday Manicure

I don’t consider myself a particularly ‘arts & crafts’ type person, but after spending a few hours doing some Christmas projects at a friend’s party last weekend, I felt inspired to try some things on my own.  (I also returned home after the party weekend and promptly broke 2 things while unpacking, both of which had to be super-glued back together.  This also, although perhaps not traditionally “crafty,” had me feeling like I could make anything work.)

I wanted to do a fun manicure for the holidays, since I have a couple of friends in town and a party tonight to celebrate the end of the year.  I pulled out some Martha Stewart craft glitter that I bought earlier this year for another project, and decided to do a festive manicure at home!


Here’s what I used:

(L-R):  Martha Stewart craft glitter in “Smoky Quartz”; Essie “Leading Lady”; Essie “Sand Tropez”; Orly “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”; “Essie Good To Go!” Topcoat


1.  Paint one finger on each hand sparkly red.

2.  Paint all others nude/tan color.

3.  Let that dry.


4.  Paint each nail with coat of sparkly clear polish.

5.  Sprinkle loose glitter on nude nails, going heavier near the cuticle (I was aiming for more of a graduated glitter pattern).

*Do these steps consecutively on each nail before moving to the next to make sure the clear polish doesn’t dry before you get to it with the glitter.


6.  Shake off excess glitter over a bin or sink.

7.  Layer all nails with topcoat.


finished product!

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