It’s Fall! …

…  or so my calendar tells me.  I am beyond ready for cooler weather.  It’s amazing how quickly we get tired of seasons (although I did hear on the radio that in New Orleans we only have three seasons:  this summer, still summer, and next summer.)

Anyhow, at this point all I can think of are scarves, boots, peppermint mochas, autumn colors … you get the idea.

Things I am looking forward to this fall, in particular:

*An upcoming visit from my parents

*Attending a New Orleans-style wedding in late October

*Volunteering with the College Admissions Project & helping a high school senior from O. Perry Walker navigate the admissions process

*Plenty of out-of-town visitors throughout the next few months!

*One of my best friends hosting an 11/11/11 b-day party (she’s been talking about it since I met her 7+ years ago)

*Trips home & plenty of quality time with my family

-*My 27th birthday!  (I think I might just be a little wiser this year.)

Hopefully you have some exciting things coming up, too – especially if you live in this area and you are more than ready to wake up to a true, crisp fall morning!  xoxo


a tiny reminder on my work shelf that colder weather is on the way

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