Week 4:  Wrap-Up

I unintentionally reminded myself to "appreciate my hands" by choosing extremely festive, glittery nail polish colors over the last couple of weeks.  (Just trying to get into the Christmas spirit, which can be hard in the Gulf South … as I write this, the temperature is at 78 degrees!)  I admired my hands mainly during yoga class, especially in Downward-Facing Dog, while typing at work, and while driving. 

The lesson of this week was that we are being taken care of all the time, especially on a cellular level, without even realizing it: our bodies are processing so many things and all of our different organs are working harmoniously together without our consent, and without asking anything from us.  Our hands work together seamlessly most of the time to take care of so many things for us, and we usually don't appreciate or recognize that at all.  I found this lesson reinforced exponentially when I pulled a muscle in my neck late last week and could not turn to my left side at all.  It made driving, exercising, and even laying in bed extremely uncomfortable and it really hit me how much I take for granted being comfortable in my own body: so much so that it feels like the ultimate betrayal when something goes wrong.

Today I also realized that the book is right on another point: our hands are connected to our mind's eye, and by that I mean, we can touch something in the dark and piece together a pretty accurate image of what the object looks like.  We can even feel our way through assembling something, without having to physically see it with our eyes.  It's pretty amazing.

To quote my book directly:  "When we see clearly into the unity of all existence, we see that all things are working together, like the hands and eyes.  As our hands would not hurt our eyes, our natural nature is not to hurt ourselves or each other."

Week 5:  When Eating Just Eat

This week, when you're eating or drinking, don't do anything else.  Sit down and take the time to enjoy what you are taking in.  Open all the senses as you eat or drink.  Look at the colors, shapes, surface textures.  Attend to the smells and flavors in your mouth.  Listen to the sounds of eating and drinking.

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