One of my New Year’s resolutions is to master the P90X workout routine by the end of the year.  I have been following the routine (mostly) religiously for the last 3 weeks, and while I feel great after I finish a workout, I can’t say that I particularly enjoy exercising in the moment.

My motivation to choose this as one of my carefully thought out resolutions was not to lose weight, but rather to become more of a healthy person in general.  I feel so much better in all areas of my life when I make time to eat right and be active.  However, I have recently discovered that it can be extremely hard to keep my focus when I’m busy at work and I feel mentally drained by the time I get home.  Last week I found myself trying to finish up a 90-minute yoga routine while simultaneously copying a CD to my iTunes Library, talking with a friend who had dropped by, and listening to my roommate experiment with new music in the studio.  Not exactly “zen,” but I did get an enormous rush of satisfaction when I checked off ‘Do Yoga’ from my to-do list that day.

My point is:  there may never be a perfect time to do the things that you mean to do, so why wait?

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