Orangetheory New Orleans Fitness Review

Orangetheory Fitness (OTF) recently opened a studio in Mid-City near the Winn-Dixie shopping complex. I’d read a few great reviews on this 1-hour workout before and was excited to try it. The schedule has a good amount of offerings, but it fills up pretty quickly, so it took me a few weeks before I could get in for an after-work time slot (5:15-6:15 PM).

The Philosophy

The basic premise of the workout is that it uses interval training and heart rate monitoring to help you achieve EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption), which will burn calories and increase energy even after you’re done working out. You’re strapped up with a heart rate monitor and everyone’s heart rates are displayed on the monitors throughout the workout room. Your goal is to get into the “orange zone” for at least 12-24 minutes during your workout, which is a lot harder (for me, at least!) than it sounds. I was told being in the “green zone” was also good, but you do want to get to orange at some point. There’s also a red zone, which you’ll reach when you’re working super hard – the trainer told me not to stay in that zone for too long to avoid burning out.

The 60-Minute Workout


Treadmills & Rowing Machines


Weight Circuit Area


After a brief introductory tour for new folks, we split into 2 groups. One group started on the treadmills and the others on the rowing machines. We were told at every stage what we were supposed to be doing. After a while, my group moved to the weight circuits, where we were told how many of what exercises to do before we could move on to the next circuit. We used things like TRX bands, weights, and body weight resistance during this segment. Once it was our turn to be on the treadmills, the trainer gave us options for inclines and distances to walk or run, depending on current fitness levels and running preferences. Our time on the treadmill was broken up by cardio exercises and more rowing.

After about 52 minutes, we all got a mat to finish up with core work and stretching.

At the end of the workout, you receive an e-mail detailing out how many “points” you received, which is how many minutes you were in the orange and red zones combined. It also breaks down calories burned. I fell into the promised 500-1000 calories burned, though at the low end of that spectrum.



What I liked about the workout:

  • I was super sore afterwards, which made me feel like I got a great workout
  • Since I’m competitive, I felt like I pushed myself a lot more because you can compare yourself to others on the screen
  • There are people from all fitness levels in the class, and no one is looking at you because they’re too busy worrying about their own workout
  • The heart rate monitor! I don’t think I’ve ever worn one before and now I want to buy one for my workouts. It was a huge reality check to see that I could push myself a lot more than I usually do and I liked knowing how many calories I probably burned.
  • The trainer was fun and energetic
  • Engaging, loud music
  • Friendly staff
  • Detailed statistics sent to you after the class
  • The facility is nice, new and clean
  • The different segments of the workout could be used in a million different variations, so you probably wouldn’t ever get bored with it

What I didn’t like:

  • I probably won’t join right now just because I’m a member at another fitness studio and I feel like I’m enjoying a more diverse schedule of offerings
  • The scheduling seemed a little intense – there were so many classes already filled up when I went to sign up, and I heard members book their classes on a recurring schedule so it can be hard to get into certain sessions


All in all, I’d definitely go back! It was a great workout and I liked a lot of things about it. If you want to try Orange Theory, I have good news: your first class and use of the heart rate monitor are free! To schedule, call the studio at 504-408-2602.


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