Weekend Wrap

Call me crazy, but I definitely sensed a happy energy in the air this weekend.  Jazz Fest revelers stumbling around our neighborhood, a makeshift record store in a neighbor’s driveway, and overnight guests definitely mixed up our usual weekend roster, but in a very good way.  Highlights included:  watching Crocodiles perform at Republic, enjoying deliciously sweet passion fruit mojitos at The Rum House on Magazine, and an impromptu get-together/dinner party/”Trivial Pursuit: The 90’s” face-off.



insanely decadent chocolate dessert/work of art at sucré on mag




Just Like Candy

I have been on a (mostly successful) regimen of cutting out simple carbs & all forms of sugar during the work week, and splurging/being more relaxed about my diet on the weekends.  It actually has not been as bad as I would have imagined, but the other day I came to a startling realization that I have effectively surrounded myself with products that look, feel, or smell just like dessert.  I suppose if I can’t eat it, layering sugar-scented goodies all over myself is the next best alternative.


Here are a handful of the products in my current beauty rotation:

1.  Essie Mint Candy Apple Nail Polish

2.  Sebastian Whipped Creme Styling Whip

3.  Philosophy Vanilla Birthday Cake Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath

4.  Fresh Sugar Lychee Body Lotion

5.  Revlon Strawberry Suede Matte Lipstick (d/c 4/11)

6.  Method Fresh Currant Hand Wash (limited edition)

Weekend Wrap

flowers I bought today to add some pastel cheer to our living area


I hope that everyone had a satisfying Easter weekend; I can assure you that my three days off were luxuriously long and well-spent.  Not only did I have time to catch up on sleep and some reading, I also mixed in some fun with birthday celebrations, pool time, and an amazing Holy Ghost & Cut Copy show at Republic.

strawberry-banana smoothie & orange/carrot/ginger juice at eco cafe


cut copy


shrimp po-boy from yang’s (two blocks from my house & quickly becoming an obsession)

Red Beans & Rice

I love traditions, whether it's getting together with my family every year for Thanksgiving, my annual purchase of a case of Girl Scout thin mints, or planning New Year's vacations every December to reunite with my best friends.  As much as I enjoy traveling and experiencing new things, nothing beats a tried and true old favorite.  The New Orleans tradition…

it’s no secret.

Bad things are not alone in being superstitiously grouped into threes; design aesthetic holds that three is a good number of objects to visually take in at a time, popular sayings contain three parts ("Reduce, reuse, recycle!") and, I would suggest, good things also arrive in groups of three. I was first exposed to literature on the topic of positive…