Resolutions Review (A Frivolous Fall)

thank you, crystal xx


Recently, a good friend went through a period where she questioned why she blogged, which made me think about my own reasons.  I found myself thinking that it helps to establish accountability – that when you post something online, you feel more obligated to follow through because you know you’ve shared it with others.  Basically, the same reason we’re always told to write down our goals.

I think I’m totally kidding myself.

Way back when, I wrote a little post on my 2012 Resolutions.  Eleven months later seemed like a great time to check back in on those goals and see how I’m holding up, but I was pretty disheartened at my (lack of) progress.  See below-

*Spend less time on social media/online:  If anything, my online presence has increased exponentially.  Between Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and e-mail, I’m more connected than ever before.  I did remove a significant number of Facebook “friends” at the beginning of the year (and, let’s face it, during election time) and I canceled a few magazine subscriptions so I would have time to read more “quality” news, so that’s helped, but otherwise I don’t think I’ve made great strides on this one.

*Stop overthinking things:  Work in progress.  Probably always will be.

*Be more honest/true to my feelings/be a better communicator:  I was actually surprised that I set this as a goal, because I’ve worked really hard on it this year without even reminding myself to do so.  I feel really good about the slight headway I’ve made in this area; I’ve had to navigate some pretty uncomfortable and tricky situations this year, and I think I’ve done a much better job of being honest and self-aware than I would have in the past.

*Be open to creative work opportunities:  I’m still writing bi-monthly for goNOLA and I’ve recently been doing a lot more marketing/communications work at my “real” job – I’m meeting weekly with the Marketing Communications team and working on internal/external newsletters and projects, so that’s been exciting.  My latest project is an internal bi-weekly newsletter to share good news with employees. It feels like a step closer to doing what I love full-time.

*Yoga 5x/week:  My fitness goals changed, so I’m now doing pulse barre classes, Couch to 5K, and yoga once or twice a week.

*Multivitamin every day:  Yep.

*Update blog once a week:  I haven’t been as regular as I wanted to be, but I think my actual “writing” posts have been more thoughtful.

*Blueprint Cleanse:  I still want to do this!  Maybe 2013?  So spendy.


more of this, please.


SO.  I’ve decided to start over and set some fun, frivolous goals for fall/winter.  This is my favorite season and I want to lighten up a bit.  (Honestly, I think we could all use some post-election relaxation.)  Here are some things I would like to enjoy in the next few months:

*Finish Couch to 5K:  this sounds like work, but it’s a means to an enjoyable end because I’ll be doing Color Run next Mardi Gras!  Please join me!

*Read “The Innocents” by Francesca Segal

*Buy more flowers for myself

*Bake something creativethese gingerbread yogis are adorable!!


… ultimately, my hope in blogging is that, while my voice is just one of millions on the Internet, if you’re reading this, I’m thinking that it probably sounds a lot like yours.  In the words of Julia Cameron, “There is an infallibility to the law that as we each seek to express what we are longing to say, there is always someone or something that is longing to hear precisely what we have expressed.”

Have a great week, xo!

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