Scenes from the Weekend

Last Friday evening, I ventured out to Frenchmen Street in search of a Valentine’s Day gift for my roommate’s boyfriend.  It was also a great excuse to visit my favorite cocktail spot in the Marigny neighborhood, Three Muses.  On Saturday I went to Krewe du Vieux, the first parade and perhaps the most free-spirited, tongue-in-cheek parade of the entire Carnival season.  I also found time to devote an entire afternoon to working somewhat fruitlessly at a framing project (I wanted to cover the frame with glitter to display a print of Louisiana).  After several hours of frustratingly little progress, I realized that all my problems could be solved with nothing more than some spray adhesive and large flecks of gold glitter.  In a city that sometimes appears to be held together by duct tape and paper clips, this makes perfect sense.  Enjoy your week, xo!


i framed this card for my nightstand.  i originally planned to frame my 2012 resolutions, but this just felt right.  it was given to me by one of my great loves, jana, and it reads:  “goodbye,” she said.  “i’m off to join the circus.”  if you know me at all, you probably understand.


love the mardi gras colored spotlights on this house!


finished frame project –  the print itself can be found at the lilygene shop on etsy

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