Sunday Thoughts

Here are some words I’m finding particularly inspirational lately.  Wishing you a great start to your week!


When I was young, writing was like falling in love.  There was this complete loss of self.  The experience was all-encompassing … you can’t live like that forever.  It’s got to be sustaining.  [There is that] deep, true part of myself that I can always count on.  That’s where writing lies, and that’s where love lies.

– Ann Patchett


magazine street storefront

You never know what will set you off.  When you are in touch with yourself and receptive to new things, that’s really how anyone gets an idea.

– Marc Jacobs


…the mountains and rivers and all living things, the sky and its sun and moon and clouds, all constitute a healing, sustaining, sacred presence for humans, which they need as much for their psychic integrity as for their physical nourishment.

– Thomas Berry


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