The Future of Fashion is Here: 3D Printing

Frances Guevara of Printing House

Frances Guevara of Printing House

I had heard of 3D printing before but was a little fuzzy on how it all actually worked, so when I got an invitation to trial a new fashion printing technology, of course I said yes. Frances Guevara, founder of Printing House, is a New Orleans native currently operating out of the IDIYA space on N. Broad St. She is the owner of the only machine in the New Orleans metro of its kind; it somewhat resembles a spray tanning booth and contains 14 sensors that accumulate data from 1.5 million points on a person’s body.

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From the point cloud, the software generates a person’s unique form, and then Printing House uses this information to produce custom-made garments. Originally an architectural designer, Frances became interested in this technology in 2013, when she entered a 3D printed fashion competition in Singapore. She explains, “Fashion and architecture are quite similar in terms of their challenges and rewards, but I prefer the smaller scale of designing clothes over buildings because it’s possible to have complete control over the final product.”

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I participated in the test phase, in which I was measured and then we assessed how well the resulting garment would fit. I was impressed by how fitted the piece was and am really excited to see this business start real production. Soon clients will be able to schedule appointments with Frances – there will be three dress designs to choose from, and below is the quick and easy process that future clients can expect.

  1.      Visit IDIYA to be measured.
  2.     Select your dress design.
  3.      Fill out a client intake form.
  4.      Undress to bra and panties, and step into machine. Hold the side handles and do as instructed by the computer. The entire scan takes about 18 seconds.
  5.      That’s it! Your garment will either be delivered to you or you can pick up in 1 day.

In the future, Frances hopes to expand to online ordering – once Printing House has your measurements, you can create repeat orders without having to come back in, unless you need to be re-measured.

Click here if you’d like to sign up for the Printing House wait list. To stay in touch, follow Printing House on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

All photos by Tim Black Photography.

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