Weekend Wrap

Lately, it feels like I do nothing but travel or have out-of-town visitors on the weekends.  I thoroughly enjoy all of my time with the people that I love and am in no way complaining, but I feel like it’s time to admit that my mindfulness series (remember that?) has been put on the back burner.  I suppose I’ll pick it back up when the time feels right again.

And something else that’s been on the back burner recently?  Cleaning.  After I got home from North Carolina, it almost felt impossible to even find time to make it to work each morning last week and write my latest article, let alone clean up.  Here is evidence of my shortcomings, in the form of a photo I took early Saturday morning:


I realize it might not look *that* bad, but I couldn’t even stand seeing it in color.  That suitcase in the background was full of dirty clothes and shoes from last weekend’s travel fiasco.  Also, multiply this photo by five and you have an idea of what my entire house looked like.

… and peace is restored by Sunday morning!

I’d also like to share a photo I took a couple of weeks ago at the local sculpture garden.  It’s a tower of men crouching on top of each other, covering each others eyes – it’s probably the coolest thing I’ve seen out there to date:


Anyhow, I thought it was important to do something just for me this weekend, since it’s the first one in as long as I can remember in which I had no prior commitments.  I drove out to Lakeview and read on the lake this afternoon, and it was amazing to be near the water.  There were rainbows everywhere, and the clouds were so beautiful.  It made me think of the E.B. White quote:  “… things can look dark, then a break shows in the cloud, and all is changed.”  xo




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